Aku / Me

“Nama saya Hosea”, is what you say when you introduce your self in Indonesian 🙂

Many of you maybe know Indonesia from its famous Bali Island, or if you’re a diver you will know or have to know (for those who haven’t heard of it) Raja Ampat, where according to Conservation International, marine surveys suggest that the marine life diversity in the Raja Ampat area is the highest recorded on Earth!

Raja Ampat Islands, Papua, Indonesia by Jez O'Hare

The reason I’m here is because I’m doing an MSc programme in Audio Production at University of Salford. To be honest, it is totally a different experience for me. The adaptation process took me quite a while for the environment, the people, and the academic system used. But all of that is worth for the knowledge and the most important of all, friends and the connections that I’ve made along the way. None of the knowledge is useful if you don’t have other people to share and exchange with.

Music has been my passion since I was young, when I started to learn to play piano at the age of 5. Being brought up in christian family, I dedicated myself to play piano for the church. And from there my music and audio carrer started, when I was introduced to lots of fellow musicians and music producers.

Me and my church band

I’ve been wondering and studying the world of audio in a recording studio that my “mentor” and I had. The reason I called him my mentor is because he is way older than me, his son is even older than me! But, there is not age limitation when it comes to learning right?

We did several recordings together in the recording studio, set up and update the studio to try keep up with the latest technology, and lots of discussion about anything audio related. Even though the studio is not available commercially, restricted only to christian music, we still communicate with the audio engineering community in Indonesia to exchange knowledge and techniques, and also gears!

CRS Studio. Bogor, Indonesia

It isn’t what I do, it’s who I am because it speaks my most authentic self. It is the great pleasure that I get that makes me do all this. It’s not what I do, but how much love and attention that I put into it that matters. Because without passion and desire, it is simply just a waste of time.

Welcome to my blog and enjoy!


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