Early Christmas Present

Some of you may know the API500 Series Modules. This hardware has been around since the 90’s, but it only becomes popular since around last year. It basically a module rack meant for API modules in the first place. The input / output jacks are both XLRs, and the modules and be easily changed. If you are familiar with Solid State logic’s XLogic Rack, it has the same function.

API 500 Series Rack Front View

The reason why I fell in love with this equipment is not only because of it’s flexibility to change and collect any API hardware I want, but also with more audio companies are coming out with 500 series modules for their product makes it more convenient to use different brands just with one “home”, thus less space is used to store them.
The studio had the 500 series since 3 years ago and it has been a task for me and my friend who run the studio with me to fill it with different modules from different brands, until last month when my friend told me that he has just bought another 500 series rack because the first rack is full!
It does safe a lot of spaces for 10 modules in a 4U unit. And like I’ve said before that other companies are making their 500 series modules for their product, thus we can use one “home” for all. We routed the input / output signal to Pro Tools insert sends, so we can use them for mixing. From there, we route the signal to a hard disk recorder where it goes through the SSL Master Bus Compressor first (far left on the XLogic Rack). We did a mixing yesterday and it was great. We still have another 500 series rack yet to be filled. It truly is, an early christmas present for us and the studio!

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